NOx Sensor for Passenger Cars

Date:2019/05/14 Editor:Marketing Department

NOx Sensor for Passenger Cars

NOx Sensor for Passenger Cars


NOx Sensor is mainly used to measure the concentration of NOx in automobile exhaust, providing the basis for the injection quantity of urea solution in the SCR after-treatment system, so that the NOx content in the exhaust gas can meet the emission standards.

Shentou now carries a complete line of NOx Sensors for passenger cars. The quality and performance of the NOx Sensors fully match international standards while the prices are very competitive.

#SHTRef. #OE #Application
1222008000205WK9 736622303391
2222008000305WK9 736722303390VOLVO
3222008000405WK9 6681CA0009053403/A0009052210/A0009056104/A0009054310Mercedes-Benz
4222008000505WK9 6682DA0065427218/A0009055300/A0035428818/A0009057000/A0009053503Mercedes-Benz
5222008000605WK9 6683DA0009057100/A0009052800/A0009052900/A0065420918/A0009053603/A0009052909Mercedes-Benz
6222008000705WK9 6681EA0009059603Mercedes-Benz
7222008002405WK9 6683FA0009053706/A0009051612Mercedes-Benz
8222008011105WK9 6681FA0009055006/A0009051412/A000 905 35 06Mercedes-Benz
9222008016605WK9 7250A0009056304Mercedes-Benz
10222008001605WK9 6680CME230283FUSO
11222008000105WK9 6621K11787587130,11787587127, 11787582326,758713005BMW AG
12222008001505WK9 6610L11787587129;758712905;758712903BMW AG
13222008015405WK9 6699C13628589846,858984601BMW
14222008015505WK9 6650D11787590402/759040205BMW
15222008001705WK9 6690B03L907807ABAUDI-VW
16222008001805WK9 725103N907807AAUDI-VW
17222008007305WK9 723304L907807LAUDI-VW
18222008007505WK9 679803L907807TAUDI-VW
19222008007605WK9 673703L907807AEAUDI-VW
20222008016505WK9 72058K0907807JAUDI-VW

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Remark: These are New products, not remanufactured.

More new models are being developed.




Neutral package


50 pcs (One full carton)

Production Lead Time:

Approximately 15 days


200,000 km or 1 year after ship date, whichever comes first.

Recommended Transportation:

By Air

5% discount for 300 pcs (6 cartons) or more per order.

Orders to be shipped in 15 days.

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